Follow the path to protect your investments. Follow the path to protect your investments.
Where Smart Money Grows

Seed Wealth Management, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor rooted in Modern Portfolio Theory. We take full advantage of the rewards of investing in a value biased portfolio by keeping fees and taxes low while minimizing risk through personalized diversification. Low Fees, Optimal Tax Efficiency, and Customized Diversification are the three pillars of our firm’s foundation, built as a fertile place for smart money to grow.


Low Fees

SEED limits a fee’s drag on performance by keeping ours low: Nothing for cash, 30bps for everything else. Read more.


Optimal Tax Efficiency

SEED drives tax efficiency primarily by maximizing tax-loss harvesting opportunities and tax-deferred account advantages. Read more.


Personalized Diversification

SEED recognizes the uniqueness of every investor and the resulting required flexibility for true diversification. Read more.